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Jennifer Topaz Bruce

abstract painter

When Peni approached me with the idea of this collaboration I distinctly remember saying to her “you do realize that I paint abstract” at which point she explained that being an abstract artist was the very reason for approaching me – they wanted another take on the MUSES. I was intrigued from the get go and scheduled a meeting with the “ladies” as SaraLou lovingly refers to them; I did after all need to know if they would in fact inspire me.

Needless to say the MUSES inspired all of us artists, and in so many different ways. As you take a look around this room, you will see that each of us created and expressed what we saw in such varying ways – it’s breathtaking. To know that SaraLou’s five creations led to this explosion of creativity is simply amazing. I am thankful for having been invited to be a part of this journey.

In life you never really know where things will lead you, or what’s around the corner. Had anyone told me I’d be working with a group of artists for the summer (most of whom I didn’t know), in a studio space that was awesome AND that we’d put on a show at the end, I’d have said:

“Ummmmm, I don’t’ think so!”

There’s what you think you know and there’s what it is – THIS IS THE MUSE SHOW.


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