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Medhi Agahi


Creativity is beautiful by nature, and to display the result is daring. It is, however, in my experience, a wonderful approach to share, interact, connect and learn.

Daring, indeed, it was to take on a project that seemed quite challenging. From my brief yet organic introduction with Laurie and Penelope at Arts On Main, to meeting the “wondrous 5” half an hour later, to collaborating with 5 wonderful people/artists, it has been a wonderful experience and an absolute pleasure.

Wild and free imagination behind these figures intrigued me, in ways I did not imagine. It was a process to get to know and connect with each sculpture, and respond to their MUSE.

The result is a series of 5 pieces, each responding to one character. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be inspired by these figures and talented artists around me. This show will end here, but inspiration shall continue.

Giclee prints are produced in very small editions. Please contact Medhi Agahi for more information.


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