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Peni Patrick


When I first saw these five figures created by Sarah Lou Miller, I had an immediate response; connecting in ways that surprised me; at times I even found myself being transported back to moments in my childhood and young adult years.

The process of responding to these figures through my art put me in touch with not only my joyful past but also painful experiences.  Deciding how to express my responses in my paintings was challenging. Much of my work, my stories of reflection and emotional connections to each of these figures, found its expression upon large canvases. I was in awe of the work that has gone into the creation of each figure and wanted to show my respect for that.

Seeing them undressed on Sarah Lou’s porch ready for transport to the studio; wearing dressing gowns; with their heads and faces covered; made me think about my true self and how I shroud and protect that part of me. Seeing them dressed I became aware of their individual personalities; assigning traits to them of people I have met throughout my life. I even felt irritated with one of the figures.

Working with such a wonderful group of artists on this project; the discussions we had; the laughter and the angst; the encouragement; the sharing of thoughts and ideas; the honest answers to questions; has pushed me to grow and develop as an artist.  Exploring ideas, trying new things and letting go of old ways; it was all very scary. The support I felt from our group provided me with the confidence to move forward…That’s one of the great things about finding a project that interests you and then working together on that project. This has been quite the experience


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