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SaraLou Miller

textile / papermache / jewellery artist

My creativity comes from observation. I have been greatly influenced and encouraged by my late brother, artist Vincent Miller. Through him I was introduced to the wonderful experiences of Nature’s surroundings growing up in rural Albury, Prince Edward County.  I watched him create beauty, with his painting, his baking, his decorating. Trips to art gallery shows and museums since a young age have always remained with me, influenced me and enabled me to continue to imagine and create what I hope are extraordinary things. I find myself drawn to art that is hands on, having my fingers feel the materials I’m working on. This is such an organic and satisfying method for me to be able to feel what I am working with. My work comes to me through a great deal of play with the materials, creating texture to become something I feel connected to.  Museums have been my go to place when I want to explore what I love; the ancient artifacts, historical costumes, cultural influences and art work of the past peoples. I cannot explain the feeling it gives me to know how old these treasures are and to think about the artists who created them, who they were and what they were like. The ancient and the historical have always been a large inspiration for me. 

MY PROCESS I start out with a dress form – it is my blank canvas, I start pinning fabric to it (my paint). I fold, I tuck, I braid, I hand sew, machine sew, until something comes to me. I sometimes sketch out ideas but not always and this can happen anytime during this process.  I look for and add unique textiles and trims that are mostly recycled. I reach a place where I see a character evolving and that is when I attach a wig head and paint the face to give her a personality.  A head dress or wig is created.  I create things in different art media, so some of the Ladies have my hand made felting. I may also add some of my hand made jewelry specifically bronze and copper metal clay. I will also re-work found pieces I have collected. This current “Muse” collaboration has been a blessing for me: to work with these 5 very talented artists. They have artistically interpreted my Ladies in each of their own unique styles. It has been such a pleasure to work with all of them. I’m very grateful for the time they have devoted for this.  

ABOUT THE ARTIST SaraLou has taken various training/workshops over the years, in areas that are of particular interest to her such as, traditional quilting, tapestry weaving, natural dyes, basic sculpture carving, metal clay, metal work/jewellery in silver, bronze and copper, sewing techniques, and nuno felting.  Her work has been shown at:  the annual juried show Art in the County – Picton where she has received a Juror’s award for two of the Ladies; she also has shown at Maison Depoivre Gallery Loch Sloy with Barbara Hogenauer in their collaboration – “Touch”. SaraLou has previously been a guest artist at local galleries in the County, Ottawa, Newmarket and Wasaga Beach.  Currently SaraLou is working on a commission for the Merrill House and has been invited to work on a piece for the “Art on the Shelf Show” in November, which is fundraiser for the Library.  

SaraLou Miller is: Ornamental Connections – Textiles, Costume, Paper Mache, and Jewelry – Picton Ontario

Some of her work can be viewed on: instagram@ Ornamental Connections – SaraLou Miller accordiontolou@gmail.com

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